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Create online menu with QRMENUCODE.COM

You can create online menus that work with QR code.
When your customers show the qr code we have created specifically for you to your phones, your menu opens.
Contact us for more information or scroll down the screen.

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Quick Menus

QRMENUCODE one step ahead of its competitors thanks to its incredibly fast design! Fastest qr code menu design. See our demo address for detailed review.

Amazing Features

Fast and straightforward

It is easy to use thanks to its fast and understandable design.

QR has everything expected from the menu.

Don't touch anything. We handle everything.

We keep your menu on our own servers. This way, you will not pay additional server fees and experience security issues. For example: it opens as name.qrmenucode.com.
When your customers read the qr code we have created specifically for their phones, the menu we prepared for you opens.

After you contact us and create your order, we will prepare your order for you. We give you your QR code. We are building your site. You will only enter your menu information. We will give you 24/7 technical support.

Campaign Page

You can easily show your campaigns or announcements on your online menu. In this way, you can increase your sales.

Clients feedbacks

This system is great! Our customers do not want to use our old style menu due to covid-19. We did a study with Qrmenucode and were very satisfied.

Mark Williams - Restaurant Owner

The fastest online menu system I have used. I am really pleased.

Andreas Bosch - CEO

An innovative initiative. The QRMENUCODE team is very concerned and good at work.

Michael Speria - Manager

Pricing Packages


$ 500/one year
  • free support
  • one lisance
  • no logo


$ 900/two year
  • free support
  • one lisance
  • no logo


$ 1400/three year
  • free support
  • one lisance
  • yes logo

Mobil Application

The QR MENU application will be released soon.
Our existing customers will be able to benefit for free.

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